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5/13/2015 Press Release:

Tie-Breaker Vote Allocates $39.4 Million for Infrastructure

Are there abandoned cemeteries in your area?  Are there trees in need of trimming?  Is curb bumping needed?
Submit your maintenance project suggestions to Keep DeKalb Beautiful for consideration.  During the fall and winter seasons, when mowing requirements are minimal due to slower growth, DeKalb County performs additional maintenance county-wide and solicits maintenance project suggestions from residents.  Projects for this program may include:

  • Abandoned cemeteries
  • Curb bumping
  • Dead tree limb removal
  • Illegal dumping (tires, furniture, etc.)
  • Litter pick up requests
  • Mowing requests
  • Tree trimming
  • Other projects, subject to staffing and connection to KDB’s mission of beautification

Please click HERE for more information and to submit your request.

What's Up With My Water Bill FAQs + New Pay Locations
What's Up With My Water Bill?
Recently, DeKalb County made strides to update and improve its water billing process in order to better serve DeKalb County residents and address concerns heard from citizens during the last few weeks.  It is our top priority to ensure the accuracy of all bills and that citizens have the resources available to understand their bills and make payments on time.

Please click HERE to view a list of frequently asked questions and answers from DeKalb Coumnty's Department of Watershed Management.

*NEW* DeKalb County Water/Sewer Authorized Bill Payment Centers
DeKalb has made it easier to pay your water bill.  Please click HERE to view a listing of Water/Sewer Authorized Bill Payment Centers.  Payments can also be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the new DeKalb County automated payment line at (404) 371-6294.

For more information, please visit or contact:
(404) 378-4475  |